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NXT Is The Natural Evolution Of Cryptocurrency Technology

NXT is the natural evolution of the remarkable advances offered by cryptocurrency technology. NXT started with a vision of a radical new digital economy and was designed from the ground up to create a platform to realise it. Not only does it open up new possibilities – everything from digital cash and property ownership records to smart contracts and online transfer of stocks and shares – but it addresses all of the most serious deficiencies in existing cryptocurrencies. Most altcoins aim to fix one or two of these. NXT was developed to allow a sustainable, fair and versatile platform that would benefit everyone.

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NRS 1.3.1 Updated 10.24.2014


NRS 1.3.1 Updated 10.24.2014


NRS 1.3.1 Updated 10.16.2014
NRS 1.2.9 for current users of 1.2.8 See note below:
Critical Updates: Version 1.3.1 above and Version 1.2.9 for current users of 1.2.8 can be found [ here ]
There are several alternate wallets and online wallets developed by the Nxt Community. Links can be found at nxtclients.org and nxtcommunity.org and nxtrelease.info

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