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NXT Is The Natural Evolution Of Cryptocurrency Technology

NXT is the natural evolution of the remarkable advances offered by cryptocurrency technology. NXT started with a vision of a radical new digital economy and was designed from the ground up to create a platform to realise it. Not only does it open up new possibilities – everything from digital cash and property ownership records to smart contracts and online transfer of stocks and shares – but it addresses all of the most serious deficiencies in existing cryptocurrencies. Most altcoins aim to fix one or two of these. NXT was developed to allow a sustainable, fair and versatile platform that would benefit everyone.

Get Started With Nxt Cryptocurrency

Follow These Steps to Get Started With Nxt

Install the Nxt Software

The Nxt Software you will install will often be referred to as the Nxt Client.

Find the file in your downloads and extract it to a new directory on your computer.


On a Windows PC, double click the run.bat file.

On a Mac or Linux computer, run the run.sh file. On the command line it looks like this:

NOTE: You will need to have Java version 7 or higher installed on your computer to run the Nxt Client.

Run The Nxt Software

NOTE: If are installing a new Nxt Client you will need to wait for the blockchain to download before you can open the Client.

Open a new browser window and navigate to or localhost:7876


Bookmark this page in your browser to find it easily in the future.

Create a NXT account


Follow the screen prompts to set up a new account and passphrase.


The included passphrase generator will create a secure twelve word passphrase and is recommended.


If you choose to create your own passphrase make sure it has at least 30 random characters and that it is not a phrase that appears in any printed material.


Copy your secret passphrase to a safe place or memorize it!

You will not be able to access your wallet again without this passphrase

No one can ever help you recover this phrase. It is your responsibility to keep it safe.


For your convenience you may tick the box to remember your passphrase during your session. Otherwise you wil be required to enter the passphrase each time you make a transaction.

Your First Transaction


To provide maximum security to your account you must include your public key in your first transaction.


Copy your Public Key from the green message banner on your dashboard and provide it to the one sending you your first Nxt.
They will need to enter this key in their transaction to your brand new account.

Use Your Nxt

Buy and sell your assets

Use the Nxt Asset Exchange to buy and sell everything you want with the network of Nxt (Colored Coins is here)!

Build a business for Nxt

Nxt is a perfect platform for people to build businesses upon. Create online services or other concepts to earn money with Nxt.

Nxt Community Bounties

Visit the Nxt Forum, choose the right task for you (Writing, Design, Videos, Development, Translations...) and apply for a bounty in NXT!

Forge NXT

Buy yourself some NXT, transfer it to your Nxt account and just keep your wallet open and online, you are forging! Forging is making the Nxt network stable and decentralized. When you are lucky, you will be able to generate a block and you will earn all the fee inside that block.

Lease Your Forging

Leased Forging allows you to lease your forging balance to another Account for a limited amount of time.

Running a node

Support the blockchain of Nxt by running a node. In the future it may also be possible to earn the-coin-which-name-we-dont-use...

Hold on to your NXT

Nxt is an innovative, one of a kind cryptocurrency with great potential for the future. Will Nxt be the Bitcoin of tomorrow? HODL!