Bitcoin Dominance Challenged by Nxt

Bitcoin Dominance Challenged as Danish Bourse Offers NXT on there platform.

Nxt Added to Popular Danish bourse, The CCEDK

Bloomberg reported today about the interview with Chief Executive Officer Ronny Boesing about adding Nxt to there platform, The CCEDK Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS. The platform opened in May and will add Nxt tomorrow.

Users of CCEDK will be able to buy NXT with euros and dollars. They clain to be the first one in the world. It's also possible to trade NXT for Nordic currencies.

“NXT is a strong currency and a potential challenger to Bitcoin as a leading virtual currency,” Boesing said. “In terms of safety, it’s perceived as being as safe as bitcoin, if not safer.”

Investors are already buying NXT to store it as an investment for the future or to use it to trade assets on the Nxt Decentralized Asset Exchange. The value of NXT very low now, so a lot of people see it as a cheap investment with a lot of potential.

“At the moment, people use bitcoin to buy NXT on other exchanges and we will make it easier to invest directly in this second-generation virtual currency,” Boesing said. “We’re happy to add NXT to our platform because it’s a currency that’s growing very fast, backed by a very strong community.”

At Nxt we are really proud to be part of The CCEDK exchange.

Nxt —A Second Generation Cryptocurrency

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