Nxt for you

Getting started with Nxt is easy.

If you would prefer, you can first familiarise yourself with Nxt by playing around with the Demo.

Start with Nxt

Nxt is supported by all major operating systems. You will need to have the correct (usually most recent) version of Java installed on your computer: official Oracle homepage.

And you need to have the Nxt client software installed and up to date.
You can download the Nxt Software, including the official client here:

Installation instructions:
Nxtwiki.org Installation instructions
[List of installation PDFs]

Nxt Light Wallets and browser wallets

Nxt is also supported by light wallets and browser wallets. Light wallets allow you to use Nxt without having to download the blockchain and just require you to start them to use them. Browser wallets allow you to use Nxt by going to a site.

Always be sure you use a trusted source, though! If in doubt, check their credentials in the Nxt Community.

Light Wallets:

Supernet Lite Wallet

SuperNET is a collaborative community of participating cryptocurrency coins and their development teams. SuperNET itself is not a digital currency, it is the collective identity by which the members of the community work together to promote as a recognisable brand of technical innovation and delivery.

Browser Wallets:

MyNxt Wallet

Jay wallet

I have installed Nxt: Now what?

Now that you have installed Nxt, you can do many things:

and much more……join the Nxt generation today!